Christians connive with OGSG to ban hijab in public schools

In a rare show of solidarity, scores of Christian clerics throng the Abeokuta High Court on Tuesday to support Ogun State Government and the Principal of Gateway Secondary school, Mrs Kushimo in the case instituted by nine-year-old Aisha Abdul-Aleem for the violation of her fundamental human rights to use hijab on her uniform.

Aisha Abdul-Akeem, a 9-year-old JSS1 student of Gateway Secondary School, Abeokuta, on whose hijab was forcefully removed

Aisha Abdul-Akeem, a 9-year-old JSS1 student of Gateway Secondary School, Abeokuta, on whose hijab was forcefully removed

Other defendants in the case are the Commissioner for Education, Mrs Modupe Mujota.

The clergies, who arrived the courts in different attires, took strategic positions in and around the court premises in the early hours of the day, with the elders taking the frontal rolls in the court-room as observers.

The Renaissance recalls that the clergies were not in court when the case was first mentioned on Dec. 22, 2018, and were not defendants to the case.

However, some Muslims too were also at the court to observe the proceedings of the case.

HIJAB2 (1)

When the court proceedings started at 9.09 a.m., the presiding judge, Justice Bamgbose Alabi of Court 9 wondered why the court was filled beyond capacity with many observant standing outside the court.

“I could see many people standing, I could not manufacture sit for you, you have to bear with us,” the Judge observed.

Recalled that Aishah, through her father, filed the case against the principal of Gateway Secondary school and the Ogun State Government for violating her fundamental human rights over the use of hijab in public secondary schools.

MeanwhileJustice Alabi has promised to ensure speedy hearing of the case of human rights brought by Aisha Abdul-Aleem, because of the sensitivity of the case and in line with Africa Charter.

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He then adjourning the case until Wednesday, Jan. 16, at the request of the defendants.

“I want to give an expeditious hearing to the case and at the same time ensure we hear from all parties involved….this is a very crucial matter, that all party must do it right,” the judge said.

Bamgbose had earlier intervened in the exchange of hot words between lead counsel of the claimant, Mr S.A. Akinbami and that of the defendants, Mr I.B. Awofeso over call for adjournment by Awofeso.

Akinbami, while opposing the call for adjournment, had described as “administrative incompetent” call by the defence team for an adjournment in order to respond to the point of law filed by Mr Abass Nurudeen (one of the counsels of the claimants).

Also, Awofeso angrily responded, saying the accusation of “administrative incompetence” was “absolutely incorrect….it’s rude…., we can respond but with the leave of the court”.

From Jamiu Folarin, Abeokuta

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  1. Leshi, D

    If Hijab is for Muslims, not for non-Muslim, I think there is no moral justification for someone to deny the desireed Muslim from having it.
    Afterall, girls have been forced to wear pinafore that exposes the burst to turture male teachers psychologically.
    It’s like common sense is not common o. If a principal will oppose morality and allow obvious immoral outlook of girls in a plce of learning, not a cinema, then the world is ending gradually.

  2. Luqman Amoo

    It baffles me the way Christians and their leaders fight against Muslim girls’ use of hijab in govt schools. Please in what ways does this affect them if not for mischief and hatred?

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