Chartered plane crashes in India, killing 5

Chartered plane crashed in Indian's Mumbai, killing five

A plane chartered by a state government crashed in Mumbai, India on Thursday, killing five-person, according to Police report.

Chartered plane crashed in Indian's Mumbai, killing five

Chartered plane crashed in Indian’s Mumbai, killing five

The plane, belonging to the government of the Northern State of Uttar Pradesh, crashed in an open area adjacent to a building under construction in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar area and burst into flames while it was about to land around 1.30 p.m. (local time).

“The pilot, three passengers and a pedestrian died in the crash,” the Mumbai Police said in a statement.

The Police said several fire engines have been pressed into service to douse the flames, a senior fire brigade official said.

“We have recovered all the charred bodies,” the official said.

Local TV channels showed footage of the aircraft in flames and reported that the pedestrian was passing through the area when he became a victim of the crash.

Senior police officials are overseeing the operations in the area, reports said.

The crash came a day after an Indian Air Force fighter jet crashed in the state. Fortunately, two pilots on board had managed to eject safely.

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