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Don’t Repeat June 12 Debacle

By Prof Ishaq Akintola Nigerians trooped out in their thousands yesterday to cast their votes in the 2015 presidential and national assembly elections. They stood patiently on the queues in spite of the technical challenges….

Grudge elections, as never before

By Duro Onabule The presidential election expectedly holds Saturday. The gratitude for that certainty goes not just to God and Nigerians for their patience, but also the international community for standing firm. Otherwise, tomorrow in…

“NigeriaGate” welcomes Senator Obanikoro

By Oludare Jaji Wonder they say shall never end. To describe the ‘abracadabric’ fashion with which the Nigeria Senate eventually confirmed the nomination of Senator Musiliu Obanikoro as a minister of the Federal Republic, as…

Selection by election

By Dr O.Z. Adeniyi Do we actually elect our leaders or are made to select them through election? The outcome of election today is hardly the choice of the people. Our election today has become…