Category: Middle East

MAI criticises Ki-Moon for shielding Israel

By our correspondent A Civil Society Organisation, The Muslim Awareness International (MAI), has criticised the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon for his decision to exclude Israel from the list of violators of children rights. MAI…

Israeli soldier confesses indiscriminate killing in Gaza

“I killed people [in Gaza], most of whom didn’t do anything to me.” That was the shocking testimony from one Israeli soldier – who spoke to an organisation called Breaking the Silence. The ‘Breaking the Silence’…

U.N. imposes arms embargo against Houthis

The United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution imposing an arms embargo against Yemen’s Houthi militias and blacklisting the country’s deposed President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Resolution 2216 was passed under Chapter 7 of the U.N….

Putin advocates Paletinians right to have state

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said at the said that Palestinians have right to have their own stat with capital in East Jerusalem. He said that Moscow would support the Palestinians in their efforts to build…

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