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Turkey expresses surprise over lack of post-coup EU visits

Turkey has described as “surprising” a lack of visits from senior European Union figures, one week on, from the July 15 attempted coup. The country’s EU minister, Omer Celik, made the remarks at a news conference in Ankara, on Saturday. He said that Turkey expected officials of the European Union, European Parliament and European Council to pay a solidarity visit to voice their support for the “common democratic values we share by standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Turkey”. He, however, thanked all Turkey’s allies for their messages of support. “There is no doubt that the values in danger are the common values of all of us,” Celik said, adding: “We have enough power to protect our own democracy.” Stressing that the quality of democracy in Turkey is no less than democracy in other countries, Celik said the aim of the current state of emergency ”is to protect democracy, to protect the state of law, to protect the rights and liberties of our citizens and to protect peace in our country”. SOURCE: Anadolu Agency No related posts.

Failed coup: US, Turkish exchange hot words

Turkish officials have threaten to go to war with “any country” supporting exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen, the alleged mastermind of the coup plot, which would put the US right in Ankara’s crosshairs. Prime Minister, Binali…