Busy at Nothing! … A Case Study of Nigerian Muslims


In as much as I would want this article to reach the totality of Muslims in this nation, if possible… I wouldn’t  also want a Non-Muslim to get a glimpse of this for it has gone beyond mere shame. It is a pitiful eventuality of caricature that shouldn’t be learnt of by others, except that they laugh in profound mockery and revalidate their claims of fallacy that this Islam, is indeed a misleading invention (I seek Allah’s refuge from disbelief).


While our Christian brethren are in severe strive, in the name of salvation, to win and gather more souls into their religion and targeting the Muslims most especially, Muslims are busy tackling and fighting one another and giving the “trying Muslims” a headway to leave the fold of Islam.

Who are “trying Muslims”? They are the Nominal Muslims, who just bear Islamic names but are not active in any voluntary or involuntary practices of an ideal Muslim. If they are, it happens just once in a blue moon. They are the ones that the Christian evangelists capture the most! This is because the knowledgeable Muslims are busy giving them “hot lectures”; lectures of… “if you don’t do so, so and so, you go to hell”. After that, they ignore their welfare and expect them to be on the straight path! What a vanity!

The other day, a Christian organisation came into my school (UNILAG) with thousands of forms to  be filled. Forms that display awaiting jobs to be taken after graduating from the school. They distributed them to interested final year students to fill and you could see that they were specifically and particularly focusing on the Muslims, persuading them to fill the forms. And one could see even the small-Hijab sisters filling the forms so enthusiastically.

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Going down the footnote of the form, it was powered by a Christian organisation who invited the individual who has filled the form to the church on two Sundays for orientation and shouldn’t worry about breakfast for it would be handsomely catered for.

I’m not uncertain that majority are not aware of the Redeemed Convention, whose ambitious objectives are to, apart from the situating of a Church in every street, make, at least, a member of every family a Redeemed member! Now, they have even resolved that their men should keep marrying the Muslim ladies regardless of their Islamic religious status! Can you see that we Muslims are truly busy at nothing!

I’ve also heard stories of yet another church (organisation) that promises Muslim students who convert to Christianity a sum of two hundred and fifty thousand Naira cash and Apple laptops each. Of course, some Muslims with half-baked faith are fast losing their paradise through this! Are we supposed to continue this way?

The seriousness with which our Christian Brothers and Sisters pay their tithe cannot be over emphasised. These are what the tithes are used for! Get more converts into the fold from amongst the Muslims! But what are my fellow Muslims doing? After reading the whole Islamic jurisprudence, law, and literatures; they simply go hunting down one another and segregating themselves into sects – accusing one sect or the other of deviaton from Islamic norms!

Is this what should be given absolute priority at this time? A time when Muslims are fast losing their precious faith due to economic challenges, Islamophobia and welfare retardation.

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Ourpurposeful Christian brethren use this as a means to capture ignorant and weak Muslims by giving them a guarantee of breakout from their poverty-striken lives! What are the rich Muslims doing? They keep going to Hajj annually, ignoring the pitiable conditions of their fellow Muslims. Some even   travel to places where Islam is already established in the bid to call to Islam while they abandon their own nation where Islam has a shaky leg. What can we call that? Busy at nothing!

What pains me most is this! They say “we are doing Da’wah (calling to Islam)”. For Allah’s sake, who needs Da’wah most? Is it people who are already Muslims or People who are yet to believe in the Oneness of Allah? The Christians will have the impetus and audacity to move close to Muslims in caps and Hijabs and preach the Gospel, all in the name of evangelism. This is an Islamic heritage! But the Muslims have abandoned it to the Christians. Lugubrious!

What do the Muslims do? They place their overall Da’wah on a conscious Muslim who comes to mosque regularly but doesn’t fly his trousers or keep his beards! They creep behind one another in secret observation and come back with news of… “I saw that brother talking to another sister in the close or I saw that sister not lowering her gaze upon another brother while they conversed”, what misplacement of priorities! They, among the Muslim women, do nothing about calling a non Muslim lady to Islam but rather, they concentrate all their acclaimed Da’wah on a sister who’s already a Muslim in a small Hijab or pashmina, telling her that “if you don’t use a bigger Hijab, you will go to hell!” Now tell me, how wouldn’t such be enticed by non-Muslims and yield so easily?

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Some Muslim men have the whole Qur’an, Minhajul Muslim, Sahih Bukhari, Riyaadus Soliheen and other Islamic documents in their memories by heart, but have never set out one day to go preaching to a non Muslim on how to become a believer. Rather, they sit down in mosques, and wait in “intellectual ambush” against another Muslim, observing their practical and verbal mistakes and raising unnecessary arguments over such when they are eventually committed.

What are Muslims doing? Busy at nothing!!!

I have intentionally decided to forgo any Qur’anic verses or Hadith references in this write up! It is a deliberate attempt to project the fact that the eyes and brain that Allah gives us to see and judge things respectively, aren’t just there to read literatures and memorise Qur’an as well as Ahadith alone but to behold what goes on in our surrounding and ask ourselves judiciously, “what are we really doing? Da’wah or Dower?’

Let us think!

Author: unknown

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  1. dreamland

    Interesting. You have said It all, that is why we are reducing in number, loosing our Muslim members to another religion. Please, if you are a Muslim, kindly adjust and be good….

  2. Abdulhafeez Fashola

    It’s a fallacy to say that Muslims are busy at nothing. It shows the writer has failed to consider untiring efforts by groups of Muslims who daily revive the work of dawah in the nook and crannies of the nation however minimal the effort. It should be more encouragement not blackmailing Muslims as busy at nothing. The honour and sanctity of a Muslim is worth more than that. Please be cautious in the use of words. Kiraaman katibeen are scribes who write every bit of action.

  3. Hema

    Wow! your article is as good as its title – real balderdash! You blog but you don’t even know how to present a decent writing . What is your source of Redeemed church asking their members to marry muslims? And you are not even bold to write your name at the beginning or the end of the article. Please, next time do write on ISIS and Boko Haram as part of your peace you have offered to the world and leave Christians and Church of Christ alone. My candid advice.

  4. Ibrahim Momoh

    One of the very best articles I have read this year.
    More grease to your elbow
    The situation of the Muslim ummah is pitiably embarrassing. Whike We have in our midst Scholars versed in all aspects of Islamic education , ironixakky, we have the misfortune of identity thefts by groups like Boko Haram, ISIL, etc, extreme poverty among the Muslims , and a litany of educated nominal Muslims.
    My take-away is that this is a timely reminder to those who reason and a call to action

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