Bulandshahr: Family of gang-rape victims threaten suicide

Four days after highway robbers raped a woman and her 14-year-old daughter in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, India, distraught members of the family on Tuesday threatened to commit suicide if they were not given justice within three months.

... Bulandshahr Gangrape: Victim's Family Demands Justice; Threatens Suicide

… Bulandshahr Gangrape: Victim’s Family Demands Justice; Threatens Suicide

The 39-year-old cab driver from Noida, whose family was attacked, told Gulf News, “We were looted, beaten up and everyone knows what they did to my wife and daughter. I want my wife and daughter to punish them. If they are not punished within three months, then all three of us will commit suicide.”

He said he cannot go to the place where he lived because of sheer trauma and shame.
“I have been staying at a friend’s place since the day of the crime. Now, even he wants me to move out. Everyone in our locality knows what happened. There are media persons waiting outside our house.
“We have not been able to go home because of embarrassment. How will we be able to live with respect there? We have no option but to move out. We will have to change our house and also my daughter’s school,” he added.
He was on his way to a funeral in Shahjahanpur late on Friday, along with his family and that of his brother’s, when armed men stopped his car, tied and beat up the men and gang-raped his 35-year-old wife and teen daughter for almost three hours.
“My daughter is in a state of shock and has not eaten anything since the assault. We are trying to force-feed her. She tells me ‘papa, whenever I try to sleep, I see their faces’.
“My wife has barely eaten since the incident. She is not in a state to talk to anyone. My daughter knows karate but what could she have done when her father could not do anything?” he said.
A nomadic gang from Rajasthan is believed to be behind this crime. Police have launched an investigation into the case and 15 suspects have been detained.
Meanwhile, UP cabinet minister, Mohammad Azam Khan, on Tuesday stirred a controversy by alleging a “political conspiracy” in the gang-rape case.
 Urban Development and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Khan said that the investigative agencies should explore the possibility of opposition parties being involved in the gang-rape.
“We need to investigate whether this is a conspiracy by opponents who want to defame the government.
“For votes, people can stoop to any level. For power, politicians can murder people, trigger riots, kill innocent people, so the truth has to be found out,” he said.
The girl’s father has questioned Khan, asking if he would say the same thing about his own family.
The Centre has sought a report from the state government asking them to provide details of the incident and steps taken to nab all those involved in it. A 300-member task force has been set up to look into the matter as the victims accused the UP Police of negligence.
Facing flak from the Opposition, the state government suspended five officers, including district Senior Superintendant of Police (SSP) Vaibhav Krishna.
Former Delhi Chief Minister and Congress candidate for UP elections this year, Sheila Dikshit, condemned the incident on Tuesday, holding the law and order situation in the state responsible.
Hitting out at the state government, Bulandshahr Member of Parliament (MP) Bhola Singh said, “I have talked with police and told them strictly to get hold of the accused and punish them. The state government should take cognisance of the matter and action should be taken as soon as possible.”
SOURCE: Gulf News
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