Buhari has right to re-contest for second term – TMC

The Muslim Congress (TMC)’s Committee on Social Mobility, the Economy and Politics has lent its voice in support of the second term bid of President Muhammadu Buhari, come 2019, saying that as a Nigerian citizen, he has right to do so.


The Chairman of the Committee, Dr Luqman AbdurRaheem, made the declaration in an interview with The Renaissance on the sideline of its 10th series of the “State of The Nation Address” presented in Lagos at the weekend.

“As a citizen, you have the right to vote and to be voted for. We are not a political association or organisation, but we respect the rule of law and the constitution and we also register within that particular framework.

“President Muhammadu Buhari is a citizen of Nigeria. He has right to agitate, he has right to contest.

“So, any other individuals or interest group, they also have right to declare their intention.

“Although we may ask ourselves that he said he wanted one term. But did we sign an agreement with him? It was just an information,” AbdurRaheem, who is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility at the American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa State, said.

He said that in a political contestation, an individual could not take certain personal decisions, that the person does not have right over some decision, it’s a party issue.

“The party said you should come again so that you can take us to the promise land. So there is nothing wrong with what he has done.

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“My Secretary-General, tomorrow may announce `I want to contest with Buhari’. He is entitle to his own opinion, But let the electorates decide.

“So, those who are criticising him, join a party, announce own, then let us go to the political platform and see who will win. So, it’s just an intention, which he (Buhari) has the right to.

“In the law of men and the law of God, he has right. However, we want the political associations to give Nigerians credible, knowledgeable and people who are going to deliver the goods.

 “It may be him, or other persons, that is the position of our organisation. We are neither PDP nor APC, but we feel everybody has the right to announce, to agitate but is left for me to use my PVC  (Permanent Voters Card) to vote for the person I like”.

In the “State of the Nation Address” earlier presented by AbdurRaheem, who is also the Amir (President) of TMC, the organisation challenged the security operatives not to allow the Boko Haram insurgent group to regain its strength even though there are factions within it.

“The activities to contain the dreaded group should be stepped up because the two factions would mean that the war is being fought on two different fronts.

“They should be pushed back to the remote fringes near the Niger, Chad and Cameroon borders.

“Let the security groups synergise their efforts in order to weaken them such that they are not to constitute serious threats to lives and properties.

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“The Easter day multiple attacks that killed 29 people and injured 84 and the killing of another set of 10 people in separate attacks in Borno State in March this year are condemnable.

“It is time we put the nine-year insurgency to an end especially now that the President has consented to a plan to use the sum of $1 billion to equip the armed forces once the National Assembly gives its approval.”

He advised that this money should be judiciously used, especially in the area of procuring equipment for quality intelligence gathering which seems to be the bane of the security forces at this time.

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