Brotherhood spokesman reacts on death in detention

Members of Muslim Brotherhood behind bars

Members of Muslim Brotherhood behind bars on Saturday

Mohamed Montaser, the Muslim Brotherhood’s young spokesman on Saturday assured that the martyr’s blood shall defeat the forces of the evil, fascist junta, referring to Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s Egyptian government.

“More martyrs are writing with their blood new revolutionary epics that will certainly end the bloody traitorous coup and overthrow its fascist regime which relentlessly kills unarmed men and women and even children in every street and square across Egypt, and inside prisons and detention centers.

“The blood of the martyrs killed in Matareya police station, and other martyrs of the revolution before them, will be a curse that will destroy the castles of oppression and treachery and the forts of falsehood, darkness and fascism.

“To the men and women of the Revolution throughout this homeland.

“You are making a great revolutionary epic with your peaceful struggle, for which you sacrifice your freedom and your blood, an epic that history will record to the end of days.

“Complete your revolutionary resistance, which is growing and expanding, getting stronger every day, to besiege the murderer and his cronies inside their castles of evil and corruption.

“To the families of this homeland’s martyrs, who suffer the excruciating injustice and the ravages of losing loved ones, the day will soon come when the castles of evil, fascism and injustice will crumble and the executioners will hang on the gallows.

“Retribution will not miss any of the treasonous despots, the murderous tyrants. On that Day, you will rejoice. That day may soon come,’’ Montaser stated,” the statement read in part.

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SOURCE: IkhwanWeb

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