Brotherhood says its ”revolution will remain peaceful’’

The Muslim Brotherhood is “completely against all acts of violence and it does not have any relations with groups or movements that uses it,” the group’s spokesman Mohamed Muntaser said yesterday.

Speaking on Al-Araby TV, Muntaser said: “The Muslims Brotherhood completely rejects violence. Our revolution is peaceful and will remain peaceful.”

Earlier, an Egyptian security official claimed that two Brotherhood members were killed when they were making an explosive device while they were in their house in Al-Qalyoubia.

Regarding revelations by the Egyptian Ministry of Interior that Brotherhood members had confessed to using violence, Muntaser said: “All these confessions were obtained by torture.”

He also denied any relationship between his group and Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis, Al-Iqab Al-Thwri and the Popular Resistance.

Muntaser blamed the ongoing regime for the increase in violence and creating a “violent environment” for such groups.

SOURCE: MiddleastMonitor

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