Breaking: Labour suspends planned nationwide strike

The organised labour has suspended the planned nationwide strike after a prolonged argument in Abuja on Monday night.

The organised labour at one of its rally

The organised labour at one of its rally

The industrial action was billed to take effect on Tuesday, Nov. 6 due to claims by the labour that government reneged on the tripartite to peg the national minimum wage at N30,000.

The Renaissance learnt that the Tripartite Committee set up by the Federal Government agreed on N30,000 new minimum wage.

At the end of the first meeting of the tripartite committee set up to arrive at an agreeable minimum wage template, the Chairperson of the committee and former Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Ms Ama Pepple had said while the federal government insisted on N24,000, organised labour maintained its earlier stance of N30, 000.

Pepple, however, said the government pleaded with labour to call off its planned strike.

“We have concluded and we have a little challenge with what we call Chapter 5 of our report; that is where we have the numbers and the figures we used for the negotiations and the figures that we concluded with and the committee has two figures: the N24 000 suggested by the federal government and the N30, 000 demanded by the organised labour.

“There is no stalemate. We have finished and we have signed it but we are insisting that the strike must be called off.

“There are still two figures, N24, 000 and N34, 000; you know that labour came up with a figure of N66, 500 but when we put all that together with the figure we got from the states…so, we put all that in a basket plus the initial figure that the federal government recommended which was N20,700.

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“We put them together in a basket and came up with four scenarios, we worked with one of the scenarios and that was how we agreed on that N24, 000 and N30, 000 respectively,”, she said.

On his part, Labour and Employment Minister, Chris Ngige said the committee was working to secure an appointment with President Muhammadu Buhari, adding that its resolution would be passed to the Federal Executive Council, then the National Economic Council and later the National Council of State, after which the president would initiate an Executive Bill to be transmitted to the National Assembly.

“We are making progress; the governors’ figure should be the figure of the federal government.

“We are just trying to carry them along and that is why we made the discussions ‘tripartite plus’.

“It is just because we want to carry them along, otherwise, the federal government speaks for governments.

“The figures are standing but we know that there are other processes; it has to go through the Federal Executive Council, the National Executive Council and the National Council of State, then an Executive Bill will be transmitted to the National Assembly,” Ngige said.

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