Bible Sanctions Islamic Banking and Sharia’h but…. 

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is always frustrating and thwarting the efforts of the Federal Government in bringing a lasting solution to inter-religious imbroglio, disharmony and acrimony in Nigeria. It is making unnecessary interference in the affairs of the Muslims.

The Nigerian Flag

The Nigerian Flag

For example, the leaders of the CAN had raised various campaigns of vilifications against the following state and national issues that concern only the Muslim. They kicked against the membership of the Nigeria Muslim in the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) even when Muslim did not complain their membership in any international Christians bodies

They kicked against the implementation of the Islamic shariah law in some states where Muslims are the majority even though the Muslims are not against their own version of Christian or canon law.

They condemned the call for Friday as work as a work-free day for the Muslims, even though they have their Sunday and Saturday declared as public holiday by the Federal Government

The National Red Cross bears the emblem of Christianity and is used in both states and National hospitals and clinics. The Cross stands for the Cross where Jesus was purported to have been crucified for their sins, and the red stands for the blood of Jesus that was purported to have been shed for their sins, yet the Muslims did not protest against it to avoid inter-religious disharmony.

Even though the keeping of beard is an important obligation in Islam, the Muslim are forced to shave their beards when joining the military and paramilitary forces, medical Doctors and nurses, the conventional Banking systems and others.

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This rule favours the Christians better than the Muslims. Also, military uniforms, NYSC and Graduating Uniforms favour Christianity than the Muslims. The constitution of Nigeria and educational systems are more of a Christian than Islam.

And now the Christians leaders are now condemning the institution of Islamic Banking system for the benefit of the Muslims in Nigeria without any justifiable reason.

Their action has violated the constitutional provision which granted the freedom of worship and religion in section 38 Subsection 1 of the Nigeria constitution. The whole systems of Government such as political, economic, social, military and educational systems are not in any way compatible with the Islamic norms and values; they are not based on the teachings of the Qur’an and the prophet (PBUH).

In addition, there are great numbers of the Christians Churches in the Muslim states, then the number of mosques in the Christians states, but the Muslim did not react. Most Christians are also in the habit of maligning and abusing prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in their various sermons while Muslim respect and honour Jesus Christ as a Great prophet and servant of Allah.

For the sake of inter-religious peaceful co-existence, we are calling the Christians leaders to desist from using any abusive language on Islam or interfering with the Muslim affair in any state or National issue.

Islam is a religion of peace and love, but Islam does not tolerate nonsense. If the Muslims are helping Nigeria to become one through their Religious tolerance and inter-religious harmony and peaceful co-existing, why are the Christians causing confusions and blackmailing Muslim?

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The day will surely come when the Muslim will demand the full implementation of Islamic Shariah based on the dictates of the Qur’an and the Hadith, and not according to the dictate of the Nigerian constitution. And when that day comes, the Christians will know their true position in Nigeria.

There is no amount of evangelism, propaganda, threatening, “Holy Ghost fire” that can frustrate or deter the Muslim from practising their religion perfectly Insha Allah.

If the Christian leaders are not the enemies of their bible, I challenge them, to call for the implementation of God’s law and Biblical system of Banking. If Jesus did not come to condemn the law as spoken by him in Matthew 5:17-18, why are the Christians leaders against the law?

I call on all the Muslims to exercise patience and continue with their propagation of Islam peacefully in any environment they found themselves. I call on the rich Muslims to always spend their wealth for Islam and believe in the reward that Allah will give them on the judgment day for spending in his cause.

Finally, I have provided enough pieces of evidence from the Bible in support of the Islamic Banking and Shari’ah law. This is a challenge to the enemy of Islam and other pretenders among Christians.

I  request the Christians to read this piece carefully with their Bible in their hands and joined me in this discussions. I quite believe that you cannot follow me and remain the same if you are honest and sincere in seeking for the truth. May Allah help us and forgive us our sins (Amin).

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By Akilu Hayatu

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