Beninese nationals in Nigeria get new chairman

Benin Republic

Mrs Paulette Yekpe, Ambassador, the Republic of Beninese in Nigeria on Saturday in Abuja swore in Mr Honore Hounkpatin as the newly elected President of the High Council of Beninese resident in Nigeria.

Yekpe while performing the swearing-in ceremony said the honour signified the confidence it reposed in Hounkpatin, adding that the government of Benin Republic would support him in the new task.
She said there was the need for proper coordination of all Beninese residents in Nigeria, stressing that they contributed a greater percentage of foreigners living in Nigeria.
Yekpe said that the government of Benin in December commenced registration of its citizen living in Nigeria to ensure proper census to ascertain the number of Beninese living in Nigeria.
She said this would also enable Beninese in Nigeria to move freely without any fear of intimidation
“We need to ensure that every Benin in Nigeria has his Nigeria biometric capturing to enable them to move freely across Nigeria and ECOWAS countries,” she said.
She lauded Hounkpatin’s invaluable contributions toward the success of the registration while commending the Nigeria government under President Muhammadu Buhari for his unrelenting contribution towards the registration.
Hounkpatin, the newly elected President said there was the need to achieve its mission of given Beninese good image in Nigeria, adding that there had been many initiatives taken by the government of Benin to help them.
He said the registration would regulate all the activities of Beninese resident in Nigeria, stressing that the initiative would also help to secure biometric capturing for free movement of its citizens in Nigeria
“Our dearest wish is that under the leadership of Benin government and that of President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria and Benin will live in harmony and preserve the legacy of our founding g fathers.
“One of my first tasks will be to undertake a tour of all the states in Nigeria to familiarise myself with the Beninese resident in all the states,” he said.
He said the new mandate would mark a new beginning for Beninese living in Nigeria, adding that this would also help to cement the cordial relationship with Nigerians.


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