Behold, the first Nigerian entertainer to defend Islam publicly

Multiple award winning rapper, Jude Abaga famously known as MI has just made history as the first Nigerian entertainer to publicly defend Islam, the religion of about 1.6 billions worldwide.

Mr Incredible (MI)

Mr Incredible (MI)

The rapper fondly known as Mr Chairman ignored other activities to educate and correct the erroneous conclusions many of his Christian followers have about Islam.

MI Abaga has over 900k followers on twitter.

He didn’t only teach his Christian followers to live a violent-free lifestyle, he argued that it’s wrong for anyone to demonize all Muslims because of the sins of some few “criminals and crazy people.” 

Drama started on Tuesday when a Twitter user shared the story of young children used by the terrorist group to carry out suicide bombings. “Religion of peace,” the tweeter said in sarcasm.


The rapper, who despite being a Christian didn’t spare the man as he called him out for stroking Islam in dark shades.

“Yes, it is (a religion of peace) and I am a Christian by the way,” he replied the tweeter, adding that “there are criminals and crazy people in every religion.”

This honest truth earned the respected rapper a lot of anger from some Nigerian Christians who expressed disappointment at his defense for Islam.

“Are you insane,” one fan asked, and another added, “You are just another proof that you are a celebrity who doesn’t necessarily mean you have sense. It is the most violent religion.”

But the Chocolate City CEO refused to be cornered. He tweeted forgiveness at his critics, insisted on not sweeping peaceful people and terrorists under one umbrella all because they align with a faith.

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“That person didn’t do that because they were a Muslim.. they did it because they are terrorists #TerribleActByTheWay,” the rapper said.

“Because there are a lot of radicalized Muslims that engage in acts of terrorism.. that can not be debated.. however it isn’t every Muslim.”

He also cited KKK as an example of Christian terrorist group, asking “…the KKK has its roots in Christian teaching?…so they represent the church?” 

A Muslim follower could not but agree with the rapper, adding that,  “apart from KKK, NDRC and LRA are Christian terrorist bodies. They all claim to get inspiration from the Bible.”


LRA stands for Lord Resistance Army (LRA) while NDRC means Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders (NDRC) and KKK stands for Ku Klux Khan. These groups including ISIS,  Boko Haram are examples of religious terrorists.

The argument dragged for hours, with the rapper struggling to school the fans who expected him to condemn a religion because of the acts of some people.

“It is interesting… religion which is supposed to inspire love and peace in man.. ends up being the source of so much hate and bile”, he fired back at the Christians when they wouldn’t quit trolling him.

What many top rated Nigerian celebrities are afraid of professing openly out of fear of hurting their careers, the acclaimed  “African rapper No1″ has just done it, making him the first to break such record.

…The discussion continues on twitter, follow the rapper @MI_abaga

– By Rasheed Abubakar


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