Aragbiji dispels fears of possible crisis in Iragbiji Community

A traditional ruler in Osun State, the Aragbiji of Iragbiji, Oba Abdurasheed Olabomi has allayed the fear over of the possibility of religious crises in the ancient Iragbiji, the headquarters of Boripe Local Council Development Area.

Oba Olabomi, who gave the assurance at a press conference in his palace, said Iragbiji has remained peaceful as the relationship between various groups in the community was cordial.

The Renaissance reports that a prince in Iragbiji, Chief Olawale Tunde, had recently called on stakeholders in the state to caution the monarch whose action he claimed could precipitate a religious crisis.

He explained that Oba Olabomi had built a Mosque close to a Shrine in the palace, against advice from both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Olawale also alleged that the Aragbiji had gone against the dictates of Iragbiji’s culture by vacating the palace for his personal residence, maintaining that the traditional ruler deserved to be dethroned.

Aragbiji’s response

However, the Aragbiji insisted that, that there was no single shrine located in the Palace. Hence, a non-existent shrine couldn’t have existed near the Mosque as alleged by Prince Olawale.

The Monarch cautioned and debunked both allegations bordering on the instigation of religious crisis and the flaunting the tradition.

The monarch who berated Olawale’s conduct and utterances against the stool of Aragbiji, urged the general public to discountenance the claims, insisting that they remained ‘fictitious’ and a figment of Prince Olawale’s imagination.

“Iragbiji remains very peaceful, convivial, and a happy community without an iota of perceived crisis.

“The relationship between various groups, interest and segments of the community have been most cordial more so, with the election of our son, Isiaka Oyetola as the Governor-elect of the state of Osun.

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“Neither Tunde Olawale nor his counsel has a basis to speak for either the community, the Muslims nor the traditionalists who he claimed to be speaking for.

“In fact, Tunde is an ordinary member of Iragbiji community who does not have deep knowledge of its structures and governance.

“Tunde Olawale is not a true member of any of the four Ruling houses of Ajibode, Ogunmolu, Osungbemi and Arowodoye,” the monarch said.

He added, however, that because of Olawale’s failed attempt to surreptitiously present himself as a prince, “he has successfully fed his counsel with enough morsel of falsehood which the lawyer also cheaply swallowed.

“I can assure you, there is no single shrine in the Aragbiji palace, and if Tunde Olawale or his counsel knows of any, they should point it out.

“Besides, I do not know either Tunde Olawale or his counsel as an accredited member of any known shrine or traditional religion, just as his counsel is not a member of the Iragbiji community”.

Aragbiji explained that contrary to Olawale’s claim, a section of traditionalists, the Ifa priest was recently received by him and his chiefs when they came to celebrate annual Ifa festival in the palace on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018.

He also said other traditional worshippers had recently paid him and his Chiefs warm homage within the past one week with prayers for the Aragbiji, stressing that the relationships have been very cordial.

Responding to the allegation of abandoning the palace for a personal residence, the Aragbiji stated that he had permanently been residing in the palace since his enthronement on May 22, 2008, until Dec. 29, 2017, when the community decided that the palace would be renovated and remodelled.

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“This made the Aragbiji and his immediate family to temporarily relocate to a private residence, pending the completion of the palace.

“The said Tunde Olawale was in my palace on a number of occasions to command the execution of the project, before his current tendencies.

“Also, Tunde is neither a chief, an executive of any Iragbiji indigenes’ association nor a member of any of the ruling houses. He has no locus standi to decide or influence any decision on the building.

“He is, therefore, a mere busybody who decided to use his time to meddle in the affairs which do not concern him.

“He needs to be reminded that at a time in the history of Iragbiji, one of my predecessors was not in the palace for about seven years and he later moved in.

“Besides, there are many Obas in Yorubaland who do not live in the palace for one reason or the other and heaven never falls,” the monarch said.

Oba Olabomi, however, said that the actions of Prince Olawale are reactions to his judgement of Jan. 12, 2017, where he declared that the Alapa compound where Tunde Olawale hails from do not rightly belong to the Aragbiji ruling houses.

He said the Alapa are migrants who migrated into Iragbiji about 150 years ago and could therefore never belong to any of the ruling houses.

From Adeyinka Aremu, Osogbo


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