APC Mushin endorses Sanwo-Olu, affirms Banire as leader

Hundreds of All Progressives Congress (APC) members in Mushin Local Government on Saturday thronged the Palm Avenue party secretariat to endorse APC Governorship aspirant Babajide Sanwo-Olu for the governorship ticket.

Amidst songs, dance and chanting of party’s slogans, the party faithful affirmed former National Legal Adviser Dr Muiz Banire as the party leader in Mushin.
APC chieftain Aremo Micheal Ikufisile, who addressed the crowd, said Sanwo-Olu has what it takes to lead Lagos.

“We have gathered here today to endorse Babajide Sanwo-Olu as APC candidate for the upcoming governorship election. We have followed his involvement and antecedents not only politically but also prior to being made commissioner and we find him credible.


A man that is accessible, a good listener, somebody that is calm and cool headed; somebody that will balance views and listen to people before making a decision. This is not a sign of weakness but a sign of feeling the pulse of people to actually deliver a good service, not putting people in boxes or having a blanket approach to issues.

More so, our leaders have spoken our minds and that is why you are seeing all of us today endorsing Sanwo-Olu because that is what is in our minds,” he said.
According to him, Banire was never suspended, adding “he (Banire) remains the APC leader in Mushin and there is no controversy about it.”

APC chieftain Dr Ade Omosule said: “We, the people of Mushin want him (Sanwo-Olu) to be the next Governor of Lagos state. That is why we are gathered here today to tell everybody in Mushin that Sanwo-Olu is our man.

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“Ambode has not satisfied Lagos. Lagosians are all against him and since they are all against him, we can’t continue to say Ambode should continue. So, we have to choose a more credible person who can perform better and that is why we are endorsing this man (Sanwo-Olu) now. We are sure he will perform well.”

APC Mushin Deputy-Chairman Solomon Olawale Kusola said the gathering was to affirm the leadership of Banire in Mushin and endorsement of Sanwo-Olu.
“Today, we thank God that we have resolved our internal crisis and our leader, Dr Muiz Adeyemi Banire has endorsed Sanwo-Olu for the governorship ticket.

All those who abused Dr Banire have gone to appeal to him,” he said.
Another party stalwart Ayodele Adeluola said: “We are dropping Ambode not because of personal hatred or vendetta. We are dropping Ambode because of he is not value for money. Ambode would have been the best military administrator of the state whereby he can run the show as he pleases but in a democracy, constituents do have views, the views must be listened to, must be adhered to, must be weighed and valued and appreciated and must underpin whatever you are going to do as the governor of Lagos state. For the fact that people calls you His Excellency didn’t make you an excellent man, it’s just a glorified title of the position of office you are occupying.

Ambode unfortunately and regrettably has allowed that word ‘His Excellency’ got better side of him, hence he thinks he can rule Lagos state as he deems fit. Lagos state is not Ambode and sons Company.”

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The way forward, he said, is for the electorate, to be patient and “see how we start to upturn the havoc that has been perpetrated by Ambode.”

Alhaja Shola Oyedele popularly known Iya Luku said the party endorsed Sanwo-Olu because Ambode has not been a good governor.

“When they brought him, I told them that a person who is not part of our party will not know the tradition of the party. He abandoned most of Babatunde Fashola’s projects, the ones that was finished was not well executed.

“Sanwo-Olu has gotten in touch with the leaders and also promised to perform well when he is elected and this is something Ambode can’t do. Ambode doesn’t care if the party members who voted are suffering,” she said.



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