Another Nigerian languishes in South Africa prison

xenophobic violence

The travails of Nigerians living and working in South Africa seem unending with the continuing victimisation of citizens of Africa’s most populous nation in South Africa.

This is because police authorities in Pretoria have targeted Nigerians, harassing and detaining them at will with no formal charges.

A case in point is that of Reverend Timothy Omotosho who has been in incarceration for more than eighteen months now, at the St. Albans Prison, Port Elizabeth.

Reverend Omotosho is the General Overseer and founder of Jesus Dominion International, Durban.

According to the National President of the Pan-African Consciousness Renaissance, Comrade Temitope Fagunwa, who spoke to the press on the incident, Reverend Omotosho was arrested for reasons unknown after been invited by the South African police, which he obliged.

He has since been held incommunicado with no access to his lawyers, family and friends and denied bail.

Comrade Fagunwa says initial findings of his group suggest that there may be more to the arrest of Reverend Omotosho with the refusal of police authorities to grant him access to his lawyers.

He noted that the sacking of six South African pastors under the Church led by Revd Omotosho may not be unconnected to the travails of the Nigerian Pastor.

The Pan-African Consciousness Renaissance, therefore, wants the South African government to expeditiously look into the case of Reverend Omotosho with a view to giving him a fair hearing and access to his lawyers, family and friends.

It is also calling on Pretoria to immediately commence the process of destroying the institutionalisation of xenophobia in that country.

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More importantly, the group wants the Nigerian government to explore all diplomatic avenues to ensure the prompt release of Reverend Omotosho and other Nigerians who are languishing in prisons in South Africa on trumped-up charges.

By Taiwo Ojedele, Lagos.

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