Amnesty International demands Trip Advisor to stop promoting Israeli settlements


Amnesty International has called on the US-based company, Trip Advisor, to stop promoting tourist sites in illegal Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian lands.

In a statement published on its website, the organisation indicated that Trip Advisor’s site promotes about 70 properties and places in illegal Israeli settlements constructed in occupied Palestinian territories.

The statement noted that the promotion of those locations, via the company’s website, contributes to the expansion and legalisation of the Israeli settlements’ economy.

The statement added that “the Israeli settlements are illegal under the international law and are considered as a war crime for being established on stolen Palestinian lands.

Thus, the Israeli settlements should never be considered as a holiday destination.”

Amnesty International has called on the CEO of Trip Advisor to stop listing or promoting real estate, activities, and attractions in illegal Israeli settlements or those run by settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories, according to the statement.

The organisation asserted that “the settlements have a devastating impact on a wide range of the Palestinian people’s human rights, including their right to adequate living conditions, housing, health, freedom of movement, and education.

Likewise, the existence of settlements cripples the Palestinian economy.

Thus, guiding tourists to the Israeli settlements paves the way for further human rights violations against Palestinians.”

Amnesty International claimed that demanding that Trip Advisor stop promoting the settlements stems from the company’s important role in developing the tourism sector in the Israeli settlements.

Thus, Trip Advisor’s website assists in no small number of tourists heading to visit Israel, ranking as the most visited website for Israel’s visitors.

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The company’s website provides lists of activities and real estate locations (at least 70), in 27 settlements, i.e. more than any other tourism company.


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