Ambode expresses concern over Lagos gridlock, robberies

Gov Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State
Gov. Akinwumi Ambode of Lagos State on Friday expressed deep concern over the spate of robberies and traffic gridlocks in the state.
The governor equally lamented the persistent traffic gridlock in the metropolis, declaring zero tolerance on potholes and commercial motorcyclists playing on highway.
The Governor yesterday spoke at the inaugural retreat organised for Commissioners, Special Advisers and body of Permanent Secretaries in the state.
While appealing for the support and cooperation of all Lagosians in moving the state forward, Ambode said, he has directed the fixing of all potholes to ease vehicular movement.
According to him, the security agencies have been mandated to enforce the ban on commercial motorcycle operators popularly called Okada riders on highways noting that aside the risks of accidents, such can also be a security threat to the people.
He urged people to stop patronising street hawkers so as to discourage street traders from the highways.
He said: “We have already hit the ground running.
I’m deeply concerned about the issues that Lagosians are sending back to me and the issues range from security issues, traffic gridlock and the environment itself.
But again just as we are looking at the immediate solutions to them, there are medium term solutions that Lagosians will see in the next few weeks that we will roll out.
“We have declared zero tolerance on potholes and we are deploring more men to ensure free flow of traffic.
As we are now in the ‘Ember’ months, I just want to appeal to Lagosians to be more vigilant, and cooperate with us in all the measures we will be carrying out.”
Highlighting key components of the Lagos Development Plan, Governor Ambode said the first pillar of the plan hinges on economic development, and that it would be about wealth creation through employment for the people.
The second pillar of the plan, he said, harps on infrastructure development, explaining that government would make money available for long term investment in transportation, power, housing and water.
“We will work with the private sector to achieve these and set out to complete the Blue Line light rail, improve our bus network and make better use of our water assets for transport purposes,” he said.
The third pillar, according to Governor Ambode, is social development, promising that his administration would invest in the people by ensuring that their health, education and security are not compromised.
“The fourth pillar is sustainable development.
This government will prioritise access to broadband and utilise digital approaches – for example in the land administration where our processes can be transformed for the benefit of our people and business,” he said.
In his presentation, keynote speaker at the retreat and former Minister of Economic Development in the Bahamas, Hon Zhivargo Laing, said it is the responsibility of the executive to promote peace, justice and make citizens know that they have a say in the government.
Laing, who spoke on the theme Leading for Change, urged the participants to be accountable, responsible, make quality decisions and work in unity to make Lagos work for all.
He said: “If Lagos can achieve its dream, not just Africa will see it, the world will know.
You must size up this moment and seize it because you cannot do anything later about this moment.
“You must explain your decisions.
“Any leader who wants to be liked by everyone may soon be unliked by everyone. The best you can do is to make the best decision you can make.”
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