After COVID-19: What Next? 

The emergence and spread of COVID-19 is a challenge to our so-called global village. Its post-emergence too will redirect what happens next. The COVID-19 is a form of punishment, trial and warning from Allah (SWT) for those who have an insight of faith.

How it came about is no more preventable as the deed has been done. For every evil in the world, it is a man or group of men that will start it. We fear COVID-19 but dare Allah (SWT) by committing heinous crimes of different magnitudes. We even fear to die when we are created to die.
Our social media are agog with fabricated stories, exaggerated reports, cynical lies and blatant falsehood and falsification, pornographic uploads and posts, cybercrimes and scams, etc. All these have continued to show how unrepentant we are to keep daring the power of God.
Instances are in hundreds; how fallacious information and fake news are recycled times and over. Imagine a world that is groaning under the pandemic coronavirus, with a number of those testing positive increasing as well as death tolls daily; yet some people do not feel to be humbled before God, crying unto Him for mercy but are busy taking advantage of the situation.
Imagine the level of depravity of some people posting an untrue scene of an Imaam sneezing while giving a sermon and hundreds of the worshippers taking to their heels! Whereas it was the Prophet Muhammad’s mosque in Madinah when the pilgrims were rushing to be at Rawdah (a special place considered to be a paradise on earth).
Imagine another one in Russia where five hundred lions were said to be let loose to ensure people stay indoors because of the COVID-19! Our human soul has broken down like an engine.
It is failing to lift us high to God. Now, there are counter information that figures being released for COVID-19 victims may not be true! There are insinuations that funds being released to fight the pandemic virus may still be mismanaged! There are clerics and clergies flouting non-gathering order! There are few persons still doubting the reality of this coronavirus!
Now everybody is washing hands more than ever. Who gives every man the hands he washes? Is it not God? But does the man always use the hands for beneficial things?
Some so-called leaders who embezzle money use their hands; those who steal, use the hands; those who fight and kill people, use the hand; those who engage in gay or fornication, use their hands; etc.  What a peaceful world would we have lived in if they all, after coronavirus wash their hands from all these heinous acts.
COVID-19 has popularised words or phrases like “isolation, stay safe, wash hands“.  Beyond now, we must isolate ourselves and review what benefits our existence does to humanity.
We must test negative to corruption and allied crimes. The viruses of our evil minds, ways, actions, policies are deadlier and more pandemic than the coronavirus we dread as we are already dead in our morality. The current coronavirus is only a tip of an iceberg of the quagmire bedevilling the world.
The so-called superpowers have not been able to circumvent COVID-19! They are the first crime movers and executors. They produce and sell ammunition to kill and waste innocent lives.
China is guilty. America is a culprit. Looking away when crimes against humanity occurs is becoming pandemic itself. The Palestinian Muslims have died and suffered in silence over their legitimate land.
The usurper, Israel, has been hobnobbing with the United States over it! The incarceration of the Rohingya Muslims has been on for years, but who will ask China to stop!
The United States kickstarted and drove the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, giving birth to the so-called Taliban, terrorists, etc. The causes for these wars have remained ruses. Who will take America to court for a war crime?
Against over 191 countries, just five nations can veto decisions of others and so shall it be, and we think we are living in a civilised world! The future can never be as it is today, that is what history teaches.
Military and economic power tussle between the powerful countries is always to the detriment of other countries. We cannot build a peaceful world with armament and material wealth.
It is the feeling as humans that should be the priority. Not until we see every country of the world as all equal and thus allow mutual interaction without one suppressing the other, world peace will be a mirage.
By Zafaran Adeniyi
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