Advocates call for increased commitment to eye health

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A consultant ophthalmologist has identified the leading causes of blindness, moderate and severe vision impairment to include cataract, age-related muscular degeneration and glaucoma.

Eye, one of the sensitive and vital organs of human body

Eye, one of the sensitive and vital organs of human body

The ophthalmologist with the MeCure, Adegboyega Alabi, said on Thursday in Lagos that people in developing countries like Nigeria “are more likely to go blind or suffer from one type of visual impairment or the other”.

He said that MeCure diagnostics, has therefore, taken up the challenge to stem the growing tide of eye diseases in the country with the provision of free eye consultation and investigation in Lagos.

Alabi, therefore, advocated for a routine eye check and increased public awareness campaign from both the government and key players in the health sector.

According to him, blindness and visual impairment may increase by as much as 300 per cent globally by 2050 if government and stakeholders fail to step up awareness campaigns on eye heath.

“With 80 per cent of blindness been avoidable and preventable, the burden of preventive blindness should now be a public health concern.

“This is perhaps why this year’s theme for the World Sight Day which is “make vision count” is very pertinent,” the ophthalmologist said.

He said that the World Health Organisation, in line with its global action plan 2014-2019, encourages member countries to support the provision of effective and accessible eye care services for effectively controlling visual impairment including blindness.

“The WHO recommends strengthening eye care services through their integration into the health system of member states.”

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Over 250 million people are either blind or visually impaired globally.

By Say Ramoni, Lagos


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