Adulterous lovers paraded on Kenyan streets

Unnamed adulterous lovers paraded on Kenyan street

An adulterous woman and her boyfriend, who became stuck inside her during sex, were paraded through busy streets on their way to get medical help in Kenya on Monday.

A video shows the couple, still stuck together, being transported along a street on a wooden wheeled cart.

The clip, made at an undisclosed location in Kenya, shows the woman covering her face with bed sheets as she is wheeled along, while her lover simply looks around at the crowd.

The couple had been having sex at a hotel, believed to be called the “Explor-Inn”, when the man found he was unable to separate from his married lover.

She was in great pain due to the sudden condition and so they shouted for help.

Fellow hotel guests came to their aid but the only way to get them to a medical facility was along the street.

The scene quickly attracted a huge gawping crowd, one of whom filmed it and shared it online.

Kenyan media speculated that the woman’s cuckolded husband had used a ‘magun’ potion designed to catch adulterous wives.

The woman’s condition may also have been vaginismus, and involuntary muscle spasm that can have a variety of causes including a urinary tract or vaginal yeast infection as well as a variety of psychological triggers.

The treatment the couple received was not reported and they were not named by Kenyan media.


Vaginismus is defined as involuntary spasm/contraction/reflex of the muscles surrounding the entrance to the vagina, making penetration impossible and/or painful, which causes personal and/or relationship distress.

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It is the result of an involuntary reflex contraction of the pubococcygeus muscle, which supports the vagina.

This reflex causes the muscles and tissues in the vagina to tense up suddenly, which makes any kind of vaginal penetration, including sexual intercourse, extremely painful and sometimes it is impossible.

This involuntary vaginal reflex can be triggered by attempts at intercourse, but also by attempts to insert other objects, like tampon’s, tools for a medical examination and even your own finger.

Some women with Vaginismus say it feels like ‘hitting a brick wall’ when trying to insert something.

While the condition can never be cured completely, it does improve with treatment.

Treatment usually includes seeing a sex therapist or a cognitive behavioural therapist to find the triggers behind this problem.

One recent development is using Botox injections to relax the muscles in the area.

 SOURCE: MailOnline

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