Activist wants musical video, ‘This is Nigeria’ banned

Falz's 'Shaku Shaku' video

A public commentator and social media activist, Mr Yusuf Jimoh Aweda, has called on the relevant regulatory body to ban a musical video titled “This is Nigeria” for promoting perversity and anti-cultural harmony.

Mr Yusuf Aweda,  the Director, Center For Human Rectitude (CFHR)

Mr Yusuf Aweda, the Director, Center For Human Rectitude (CFHR)

Aweda, who doubles as the Director, Center For Human Rectitude (CFHR), made this call in a press release made available to The Renaissance on Monday in Lagos.

Tagged: ‘This is Nigeria’  Musical Video is a Big Disappointment’, Aweda called on relevant authorities to censor #Falz for offending Nigerians’ cultural and religious sensibilities in his latest album.

The press release is produced below:

“This is Nigeria’  Musical Video is a big disappointment’

“The video of ‘This is Nigeria’ music by #Falz is a disgraceful reflection of himself and an aggravation of the ‘dented’ Nigeria he is callously pretending to be ameliorating in the song.

“A true patriot who had studied Law like him would have actively remained in the law profession and  ‘rumble in the jungle’ of the law adventure like every other  hardworking Nigerian youth to truly advocate justice and fairness in our deficient system without having to jump into the ‘juicy’ entertainment ambiance where popularity and endorsement are based on how farther one is from sanity in the illusion of being a comedian with no mental borders.

“It is extremely appalling to jolt the cultural and religious sensibility of others to qualify features that are abhorrent and are a direct antithesis to the good religious values and the tranquil tribal distinctiveness cherished by other people.

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“Shooting a video with some girls wearing the hijab and dancing “Shakushaku” is completely disrespectful and I am still awed and perplexed trying to make a genuine excuse for him, regarding the connection of the ‘hijab’ to the video music.

“Hijab is an object of freedom that gives Muslim women the intellectual and physical will to control their sexuality, privacy and societal endowment. It is a liberation and protection of the baronial sanctity of a Muslim woman. It is not an object of terror, obscene entertainment or a simulacrum of immoral permutations.

“Featuring cultural apparel of some tribes in a musical video and depicting them committing violence and incessant killing is a disturbing obliteration of their values and their rich respect for human lives.

“This does not represent the good Nigeria that I know.

“I took a meticulous look at the song repeatedly, but the video of him in open chest in the song is a by-product of the decadence he thought he was singing against and I am not saying he took codeine before shooting the video.

“But making a musical video on what would unite Nigerians and promote our values as a nation would have a respectful place of pride in the consciousness of good Nigerians and the international audience than music videos that bring instability and chaos in the heart of a peaceful Nigerian.

‘This is Nigeria’ video should be banned on the Nigerian television screens and censorship should be placed on it on the internet.

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