ACADIP buys N5.9m PAS for Dawah


The Academic Islamic Propagation of Nigeria (ACADIP) has taken delivery of new public address system and Dawah equipment, costing N5.9 million, to further boost its comparative religious activities across the country and beyond.


Malam Yusuf Adepoju, Chief Lecturer, ACADIP

Malam Yusuf Adepoju, Chief Lecturer, ACADIP

Announcing the procurement in a chat with The Renaissance through a Whatsapp platform on Thursday, the Chief Lecturer of the ACADIP, Mallam Yusuf Adepoju, expressed appreciation to all concern Muslims who have donated generously towards the dream.

“In appreciation of Allah’s Mercy, I like to state that “A Humble Request” set in motion, four months ago, for the procurement of our PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM & DA’WAH EQUIPMENT, has succeeded to a very large extent.

“I am also delighted to inform our kind-hearted donors, both at home and abroad and the generality of all pious Muslims, that, 223 Highly Spirited Muslims have donated a total sum of ₦5,900,000 thus far.


“Consequently, we have taken delivery of the equipment worth of about ₦5.9 million, to the Glory of All-Mighty Allah. It is indeed a Feat.

“I am, therefore, using this medium to thank your eminences, individually and collectively for your moral support and the generous donations.

“We are highly encouraged. May Allah in His Benevolence, amply bless you all, in this world, and in the life Hereafter. Aamiyn,” he told The Renaissance.

The Chief Lecturer, however, said that the uphill task was in progress in the effort to achieve the target set.

“We have about ₦3.1 million to realise our target of ₦9 million  for a complete set of equipment we envisions to procure,” he said.

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He gave a breakdown of donations collected towards the equipment in two categories which include:

Mandatory Donations:
-Muslim Community Ilesa, ₦340,000; ACADIP, Ilobu Branch, ₦340,000; Ikere-Ekiti Programme, ₦340,000; ACADIP, Ibadan Branch, ₦340,000
-Bilal Mosque, Mowe, ₦180,000; ACADIP Ogbomoso Branch, ₦340,000

Voluntary monthly support from the ACADIP SUPPORT GROUP, UK (For Sep., Oct., Nov. & Dec.), ₦567,000.


-61 Persons, ₦5,000 each;  54 Persons, ₦10,000 each; 15 Persons, ₦20,000 each; 2 Persons, ₦25,000 each; 1 Person, ₦40,000; 5 Persons, ₦50,000 each;  1 Person, ₦52,000; 1 Person, ₦70,000; 1 Person, ₦75,000; 3 Persons, ₦100,000 each; 1 Person, ₦107,000; 1 Person, ₦300,000; 1 Person, ₦400,000; 1 Person, ₦500,000 and 75 Persons, a total sum of ₦196,000, both categories totaling ₦5,932,000.

Meanwhile, Yusuf announced that the just concluded November/December 2016 lecture series yielded positive result as 182 non-Muslims publicly embraced Islam during the lecture periods.

“By Allah’s Grace, with the achievement of the first and second segments of the equipment, our just concluded “November-December 2016″ lecture series yielded very positive Results, as 182 Non-Muslims publicly reverted to Islam at these Lectures !!!
Allahu Akbar!!


“In shaa Allah, special reception will be held in honour of the Reverts on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017 at Lekan Aare Hall, Kakanfo Conference Centre, No.1, Nihinlola Street, off Adebiyi Street, Joyce’s B Road, off MKO Abiola way, Ring-Road, Ibadan by at 10.00 a.m.

“With your prayers and continued support, we hope to purchase the last segment of the equipment before we embark on “February-March 2017″ Lecture Series.

“We will therefore appreciate more donations as the Fund Raising is still on course till the end of January 2017,” Yusuf said.

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By Oluwashin Iyanda

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