Abdullateef tasks Lagos youths on leadership roles


The Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr Abdulhakeem Abdullateef, has admonished youths to brace up for leadership roles by developing themselves for greater heights.

Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr Abdulhakeem Abdullateef in a group photograph with the Joint Mandate Youths, Oworonshoki

Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr Abdulhakeem Abdullateef in a group photograph with the Joint Mandate Youths, Oworonshoki

Abdullateef gave the charge at a leadership training organised by the Joint Mandate Youths, Oworonshoki, an arm of the All Progressive Congress APC in Oworonshoki, Lagos.

Delivering a lecture entitled “Impacting Community: The Role of A Political Group”, Abdullateef noted that no one was a barrier to the success of any youth.

Dr Abdullateef emphasised the need for the youths to develop their skills by acquiring necessary training that would stand them out as a responsible individuals among their peers.

“Develop yourselves, what you don’t have you cannot give.

“Acquire academic qualifications, attend trainings and workshops to equip yourselves.

“The era when some politicians use youths as political thugs are gone.

“Youths should see themselves as leaders of today and they must take charge of affairs by demonstrating convincingly leadership character,” the commissioner said.

He noted that all power belongs to God, observing that the if people understand the revolution of power, they will enjoy politics.

“Show me a blind or deaf and dumb governor in Nigeria or member of the National Assembly.

“Such person cannot be entrusted with leadership position, the one who give position of authority is God and endow the gift of sight and hearing which are parts of the consideration for selection of public officers,” he said.

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Dr Abdullateef urged youths to complement government efforts by embracing voluntary activities that promotes good standard of living.

“Government alone cannot do it, youth groups are expected to help their communities.

“Make a difference today and become involved or organise community events that help address problems.

“You must not keep quiet when you see people blocking drainage channels because you are a potential victim of flood.

“When you see people destroying public amenities, you must take action because it was produced with the tax payers Money.

“You risk being in dark if the electricity transformer that supplies power to your community is being vandalised and you keep mute,” the commissioner stressed.

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