A Day To Reflect

AlhamduliLlah, it’s my birthday
that draws me on the scroll of death
closer to my death day.
Is this ought to be celebrated?

A friend said “it’s a day that signifies
nothing but a decrease
In one’s life span”.
Is this ought to be celebrated?

It’s truly a day to reflect,
Evaluate like Umar Ibn Khattab RA
did every night fall. A day to make
the strayed cat find the right path.

Let me reflect on my deeds.
The reflection a mirror can’t reveal
for it’s concealed in my heart
ululating on the day I shall account for my deeds.

Birth and death are contiguous.
For birth ephemerality notify death
of the debt of souls.
In the middle of both stands time.

The Prophet SAW says take
advantage of your life before death,
Your youth before wrinkle age.
In the middle stands time.

Spend time lavishly
and you end up in loss.
Spend time wisely
and you gain profit of rewards.

Today is D-Day to reflect on my deeds.
A day to be remorseful on my sins.
A day to purify my soul.
Is this ought to be celebrated?

Happy Reflection Day To Me.

© Azeezah Olatunde (PenTalks) is a member of TRNG Writers Club

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