Sudan military won’t hand over power to civilians until elections are held

A member of Sudan’s Transitional Military Council, Salah Abdelkhalig, said that the council will only hand over power to an elected government, Sudan Tribune reported.

Abdelkhalig told an audience of community leaders who hold administrative posts at the government that the council would never give in to the opposition forces’ request that power is handed completely to civilians.

“No matter how loud their voice is, they [the opposition] do not represent the entire Sudanese people,” Sudan Tribune quoted him saying.

“Representation shall be through the ballot box, whoever obtains the majority we shall give him full authority.”

Negotiations between the military council and the Forces of Freedom and Change came to a halt following a disagreement over the representation of civilians and the military in a sovereign council that would rule the country until elections are held.

The Transitional Military Council took over power in Sudan after mass popular protests resulted in the ousting of long-time president Omar Al-Bashir.


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