6m Saudi women ‘do not participate’ in workforce

More than 5.8 million Saudi women are not participating in the labour force, although many of them are over 15 years old, according to the General Authority for Statistics’ report for the second half of 2015, Al-Watan daily reported.

One Saudi government's goal, to bring more Saudi women into the workforce, has upset some.

One Saudi government’s goal, to bring more Saudi women into the workforce, has upset some.

The focus was on young men and women over 15 years old and over who were playing a participatory role in the labor force.

The authority conducted a survey to measure the rate of participation in u in the second half of 2015.

Usually, it carries out the survey twice a year and it is planning to make this survey four times a year to get accurate figures about men and women participation in the workforce.

One of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development’s initiatives within 2030 Vision is to reduce this gap in the labor force.

The ministry will design policies targeting and developing the labour market and creating more job opportunities for both men and women equally.

It will also enter into strategic partnerships with the private sector to increase women participation in the workforce and give them more chances to contribute to the development of the national economy.

The ministry recently introduced training programs of cell phone maintenance for women to encourage women to venture into the telecommunications sector and work as cell phone technicians.

SOURCE: Saudi Gazette

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