2019 Poll: Group urges more media circumspection


The Buhari Patriotic Movement (BPM) has called on the media to be more circumspect in their reports as the 2019 national elections draw closer.

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

This is contained in a statement, issued by Saada Baba Mohammed, the National Women Leader of the movement and made available to The Renaissance on Sunday in Lagos

Mohammed, who is also the founder of “Attitude and Character Change Initiative ACCHI” noted that historically, the media have been an important pillar of democratic successes recorded in this country.

“As 2019 draws near and people become more entrenched in their partisan political views enclaves, the media will be increasingly called upon to play their constitutional role of society watchdog and the institution vested with the power to hold the government and political actors accountable for their promises as well as their actions.

“BPM calls on the media to be more cautious in treating information as they become more readily available from different partisan sources and in all situations they should provide a good context and background to stories to enable citizens to make informed choices on them.

“The media have sacrificed a lot for the successes recorded in the previous and current democratic dispensations in Nigeria.

“Numerous journalists were victims of political assassinations, detentions without trial, forced exile, loss of jobs through proscription of media houses.

“Therefore, the media have an important stake like any other institution in the society to protect the gains of this democratic dispensation,” the statement read in part.

The Renaissance reports that the BPM is a group of Nigerians with members in all the states of the Federation.

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It is striving for a new Nigeria where the resources of the country are accessible and used for the good of the majority of Nigerians and not for the benefit of a privileged few.

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