2019: Cleric harps on indices for good governance

As the 2019 general elections draw nearer, an Islamic clergyman, Shaykh Isma’il Busayriy, has identified self-policing and trustworthiness as necessary ingredients for good governance that Nigerians have been yawning for since independence in 1960.

Shaykh Isma'il Busayriy, the Acting Secretary of the Muslim Community of Oyo State

Shaykh Isma’il Busayriy, the Acting Secretary of the Muslim Community of Oyo State

Busayriy, who is the Acting Secretary of the Muslim Community of Oyo State, highlighted this point in a public lecture, organised by The Muslim Congress (TMC), Oyo State chapter, in Ibadan.

The lecture was aimed at sensitising Nigerians on their roles in entrenching a governance system that will deliver the dividends of democracy to the teeming citizens of the nation.

The cleric said that self-policing, accountability, transparency, honesty, timely and non-selective justice were some of the basic ingredients our democracy must integrate to rescue it from the present state of denigration.

All these, he said, are only possible if Nigerians, both leaders and the led realise the certainty of the eternal life after death where they will be accountable and responsible for their actions and inactions.

Busayriy decried the degree of greed with which Nigerian politicians squander public funds and resources.

He cited a one-time Britain Prime Minister, Tony Blair as saying that if the quantum of fund stolen from Nigerian economy should be removed from Britain economy, the country would cease to exist.

He, therefore, lauded the Buhari-led administration for institutionalising mechanisms for blocking all fiscal leakages from Nigerian economy.

Speaking further, the renowned Islamic public speaker encouraged all adult Nigerians to register for and collect their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) before the closing date in August, noting that thousands of PVCs have been announced unclaimed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

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He admonished urged voters to eschew the popular culture of cash and carry votes as this is a venom in the veins of our governance system.

While advising that people vote for the candidate of their choice, Busayriy advocated for competence and trustworthiness as attributes to watch out in candidate of their choice, noting “Nigeria is an extremely wealthy country, crying for a trustworthy and competent administrator for an equitable and fair share of the opulence the nation is endowed with.”

Among the dignitaries, who graced the occasion  were Shaykh Sirajudeen Bakrin,  the Chief Imam of Fountain University,  Osogbo; Alhaji Ganiyu Abideen,  a Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services with Oyo State Hospital Management Board and former State Co-ordinator of TMC in the state; Shaykh AbdHafeez Ariremajo, the Chief Imam of TMC Da’wah Centre, Ologuneru and  Mr Abubakr Yusuf, a business tycoon at Alesinloye Market and many Imams from Ibadan metropolis.

From our Correspondent in Ibadan

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